Local community organisations can only exist with the dedication of their volunteers, and over the weekend of 12th June 2021 one such volunteer was honoured by their club and by their local community.

Sue Peacock was honoured by having the Westminster Warriors home ground renamed after her. 

Sue has had a long association with Westminster that goes back to the 1990s where her sons first joined up. She went on to play for the Senior women's team there, as well as hold positions as team manager, and on the Club's Committee, eventually holding the role of President. 

Sue has also had a long association with the wider QCSA fmaily, having held managerial positions with State teams as well as on the QCSA's Standing Committee of Management (SCM). Sue currently serves as the QCSA's Registrar.

When teams visit no longer will they be searching for "Redbank 1" off Moreton Ave. They will now be searching for "Sue Peacock Field". 

The QCSA are extremely proud of Sue and are ecstatic that she has been recognised in such a manner.